Thank you for joining us at this year's Dawn of a Dream.

Your fearlessness and generosity helped raise more than $1,350,000 for childhood cancer research – truly incredible!

Throughout the evening, we shared stories of bravery demonstrated by the children, families and doctors who fight childhood cancer and genetic diseases every day. We hope you were inspired by the possibilities of gene editing and its impact on these families.

Because of you, researchers at the University of Minnesota will continue to make life-changing – and life-saving – discoveries in the pursuit of better treatments and cures. Thank you!

Photos and Videos from the event

Gene Editing


Live Performance of "Fearless" by Kat Perkins

Pictures from the evening are now available here, and images from the photobooth are available here.

Please share these stories with your friends. Let them know that we stand bravely and courageously with the more than 40,000 children who go through cancer treatment each year.

We look forward to seeing you at next year's Dawn of a Dream!