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Clinical Trial Myths

Advances in medicine are the result of new ideas and approaches developed through research. New cancer treatments must prove to be safe and effective in scientific studies with a certain number of patients before they can be made widely available. Through clinical trials, researchers learn which approaches are more effective than others. This is the best way to test a new treatment. Today’s standard treatments were first shown to be effective in clinical trials. Additional trials will help find new and better treatments.

The University of Minnesota created this video series that debunks many myths about the risks of clinical trials.

Part 1 of 5: ‘Patients enrolled in clinical trials are treated like guinea pigs.’

Part 2 of 5: ‘Never enroll into a clinical trial, they cost too much.’

Part 3 of 5: ‘Signing up for a clinical trial means you give up all your patient’s rights.’

Part 4 of 5: ‘Clinical trials are risky, especially for minorities.’

Part 5 of 5: ‘Clinical trials are only good if you live near a major city.’

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