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Documenting Your Child’s Cancer Treatment

Keeping records can save lives.

Compiling a complete medical history for childhood cancer survivors is a daunting task. But having a thorough and complete medical history on hand is essential—it can be a lifesaver.

You should obtain a written history of all cancer treatments from the original treating institution.
The information you need to receive includes:

  • Description of the specific type of cancer, extent and location of the cancer
  • All surgical procedures performed (even for central line catheters)
  • Specific chemotherapy drugs and amount of each drug received
  • Sites that received radiation therapy and how much radiation each site received
  • Any known complications experienced due to the cancer or treatment.
  • Latest test results performed to monitor for adverse health effects, emphasizing potential problems that may require more frequent monitoring.
  • Specific concerns for future medical follow-up and recommended monitoring schedule of tests and procedures.

Doctors must have an up-to-date history in order to provide the best medical care. In case of a change of doctors, be sure to get the summary updated, especially with the most recent test results. This personalized summary can provide valuable information to the doctor and help maintain a regular schedule for follow-up visits.

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