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Gift Baskets for Families

Bringing comfort to those in need

The comforts of home are often lost in the hospital.

Many parents of childhood cancer patients thought that they were taking their child for a routine doctor’s appointment… and wound up going directly to the hospital for admission. In addition to dealing with the shock of having a child diagnosed with cancer, they wind up having to spend days, and often in a city some distance from their home, without basic needs. A care basket can be a welcome gift to families during this trying time.

We have have compiled of list of items that would be tremendously helpful for families coping with childhood cancer, including:

Survival Items

  * Tooth brushes and tooth paste
  * Shampoo, soap, hand cream, and antibacterial hand gels
  * Adult pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  * Washcloth, razor, and sanitary napkins
  * Mints, gum, instant breakfast, calming herb tea, and ready-mix hot chocolate
  * Note cards, writing tablets, envelopes, stamps, several pens and journals

Special Touches

  * Crayons, coloring books, drawing pads, stickers, books, and children’s small games
  * Blanket, tee shirts, hats, slippers and soft socks
  * Thermo mug for hot or cold drinks
  * Prepaid phone cards or gift cards to local coffee shops, restaurants, or retailers
  * Cafeteria or parking vouchers
  * Map of the local area around the hospital and list of nearby restaurants with delivery numbers
  * lists of phone numbers, books, and web sites for support

In addition to gift baskets, books on tape, knitting gear, and craft kits can help to pass the long days spent in hospitals. 

Of course, all of these items can add up to quite a bit of money. However, local businesses are often willing to donate funds or materials for gift baskets, or provide vouchers for meals or other necessities to families with hospitalized children. Try to draw on the resources of your neighborhood, schools, or local community to maximize the potential of these inspiring gifts.

And before purchasing any items, be sure to check with your local hospital to ensure there are not restrictions on what can be brought into the building or ward.

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