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I know a child with cancer

Ways to help a family with a child with cancer

If you know a child with cancer, you’re likely searching for ways to help. Children and families need your support now more than ever. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Any help is appreciated and can go a long way for families in need of emotional support.

Learn how you can help support patients of pediatric cancer and their families:

Finding the Right Words

Don't know the right words to say to someone affected by childhood cancer? Maybe this will help. Read More

About Childhood Cancer

Although childhood cancer is rare, it is still the leading cause of death by disease in children. At Children's Cancer Research Fund, we're working every day to fund life-saving research that leads to a cure. Read More

Books for Helping Kids Deal with Cancer

Cancer is confusing. It's hard to find the words that will help a child cope, and children themselves often don't know how to voice all the questions they have inside. But special books written just for kids with cancer and their families can be a great help. Read More

Gift Baskets for Families

In addition to dealing with the shock of having a child diagnosed with cancer, parents often wind up having to spend days in a city some distance from their home, without basic needs. A care basket can be a welcome gift to families during this trying time. Read More

Ways to Help

From donations to event participation to simply spreading the word, there are numerous ways to support the Children's Cancer Research Fund. Every dollar you give and every hour you volunteer brings us one step closer to a world free of childhood cancer. Read More