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Our Cause Has Been Expertly Rocked

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At Children’s Cancer Research Fund, we cannot do what we do alone. It takes partners in compassion for us to continue to fulfill our mission.  Leveraging unique opportunities can mean bringing additional expertise into a project . When the opportunity to release and benefit from Zach Sobiech’s music single , ‘Clouds’, presented itself, we quickly realized that this fell out of our forte of expertise.

Adding to the sense of urgency was the song’s accompanying music video, which was quickly going viral and its viewers were feverishly demanding a download of the song. Also, the holidays were quickly approaching making a submission to online music stores a challenge. We would need the help of a global music distributor to push this through for us. We didn’t know anyone like that.

Another challenge that we faced was making sure this novice artist’s rights were protected and his music properly licensed for future royalties. Again, this is far outside the scope of our expertise.  We would need seasoned entertainment legal counsel for this piece. Oh, and by the way, there was no room in the budget for this, nor did we want to negate potential funds raised from Zach’s music with the costs of doing this business.

The growing community that was becoming invested in Zach and following his story was also demanding to see him perform live. They wanted a tribute show in his name. Who us, book bands and plan a rock concert? Really?!

We knew we needed help, and we needed it fast.  Enter Rock the Cause. Rock the Cause is a non-profit that creates community stewardship and engagement opportunities for other non-profits through the power of music. They know the music business well, and they know how to leverage it to help causes. It didn’t take much convincing for them to also recognize that Zach was an artist with a message that would resonate, a mission that would resonate – to help other kids like him with cancer - and that there was a community out there ripe for engagement.

Within days, the artist was legally protected, his music licensed, his song distributed to hundreds of digital music stores around world under the Rock the Cause label. The song is climbing up the charts around the world, thousands have downloaded the song, and it has been streamed more than 700,000 times. In a manner of weeks, a benefit concert was coordinated, bands booked, venue secured, tickets not only sold, but the concert was sold out, and a much anticipated concert was on the local music radar. Add to this Rock the Cause’s social media push which helped with this fundraising effort. Thus far $80,000 has been raised by donors around the world. Zach has inspired people around the globe, and built a lot of awareness for the childhood cancer cause

All of this might seem inconceivable and impossible. But then again, you don’t know Scott Herold and Rock the Cause. We are forever indebted to this organization’s experience in executing music events to benefit charitable causes. We’re so grateful to have had our cause rocked by such passionate and wonderful folks in that organization.

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