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As a charitable organization, we try to thank our generous donors as much as we can. We try to tell our donors where there donations go and the real impact of donations on advancing our mission. But honestly, we could never do this recognition justice as much as hearing directly from those for whom our mission is a matter of life and death for the children in their lives.

So without further ado, we asked this simple question, “What would you like to say to the donors who give to pediatric cancer research?” What follows are heartfelt and powerful words of gratitude for those who invest in pediatric medical research from those who needed it.

Without you, I would not wake up every morning. ~ Shanna

Thank you for giving children like my niece HOPE. ~ Angie

As the grandmother of a child diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcoma, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring. ~ Susan

Thank you for funding research that saved my life. ~ Kelsey

Thank you for donating…thank you for making kids a priority. Kids like my little man, Eli, who was diagnosed with Wilms at the age of 9. ~ Gayle

Thank you so much. If not for people like you a lot of kids, my daughter included, wouldn’t be here today. ~ Wind

Because of research, my 10 year old daughter is a 4 year SURVIVOR! ~ Anne

Thank you for funding research that not only saves lives but also helps keep survivors like myself healthy after treatment ends! ~ Sanyu

Thank you for the research you fund…it is making miraculous changes in childhood cancer treatment. The cancer that killed my son, Greg, in 1999 has several new treatments today. ~ Fred

Because of research, I got 2 extra years with my son, which I am so grateful for. We need to keep going and make sure everyone gets a lifetime with their children! ~ Stephanie

Our youngest son is a 7-year survivor of Burkitts lymphoma. Had his older brother been given that diagnosis when he was 5, he probably wouldn’t be with us today. I know that research made the difference. You are our heroes. Thanks again. ~ Mike

I thank God every day for the people He placed in our lives so that we could see our son survive…donors to CCRF are very much among them. ~ Mary

Your donation large or small will make a huge difference in not only the life of a child but their family too! Our baby girl Sarah was diagnosed at age 2 with Wilms Tumor. Your donation changed all of our lives! ~ Michelle

I would say they are some of the most caring and unselfish people in the world. And I would say a HUGE THANK YOU. My granddaughter passed from brain cancer in May of 2012. Although the doctors tried everything they could the tumor was just in the worst place in her brain stem. The Research team tried everything they could. Without the fund we would have had no HOPE. ~ Elizabeth

Thanks you for helping my 6th Cancer free anniversary possible through your donations!!!! So excited for November 29th!!!! ~ Sheena

My son passed away from brain cancer 2 years ago it was in his brain stem there was no cure for it so i hope one day they do find a cure. ~ Shannon

Saving a CHILD’s life, saves their entire family from being broken, forever. God bless you.

Because of research my son had great success with Avastin, with more research the next steps will happen for more effective treatments and to find the cure we all cry and dream about. ~ Brian

Until it happens to your family, you don’t realize all the battles these children fighting cancer go through. Thank you for all your support trying to help FIND A CURE!!! ~ Leah

Had my son been diagnosed with his brain tumor (AT/RT) in 1998 instead of 2008, he wouldn’t likely be here today. Back then, they thought AT/RT was a completely different tumor and pretty much all of those children died. There is such a long way to go in increasing survival for children diagnosed with AT/RT. but research has helped my son survive so far, nearly 5 years after he was diagnosed. ~ Stacie

Keep up the strong work and people please give to this research!! I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 16 and if not for research having been done I can’t honestly say I would still be alive today. I am 31 years old now so it obviously was a Godsend 13 years ago and research can only be getting better. One thing I would love to see researched more in depth would be long term survivors of Pediatric Cancers and some of the problems I still deal with 13 years later that have in some ways been more difficult that the original cancer and its treatments alone. God Bless you all!! ~ Sandy

Thank you. Every donation, big and small, makes a difference. Because of the strides made in blood and marrow transplantation, our son is alive today. Because of your donations, we are able to kiss him goodnight and wake up to his smiling face in the morning. Because of your donations, we get to watch our children play together and break up their fights. Thank you. ~ Ann

Thank you for believing in the future. ~ Donnie

Thank you and you are an amazing person to work in such a hard field. Thank you, thank you. ~ Roxanne

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