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Leukemia Survivor
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Other Cancers

Understanding other cancers

Though they are less common, cancers originating in the liver, kidneys, and gonads can pose a severe threat to young patients.

Learn more about these conditions and novel treatments spearheaded by Children’s Cancer Research Fund:

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Liver cancer/Hepatoblastoma

Childhood liver cancer is a disease in which cancerous cells form in the tissue of the liver. There are two main types of childhood liver cancer, hepatoblastoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. Read More

Wilms tumor/Nephroblastoma

If a child has cancer of the kidney it is most likely something called Wilms tumor. Wilms tumor accounts for 95 percent of kidney and renal cancers in children under the age of 14. Also called "nephroblastoma," Wilms tumor is a mass of cancer cells that grow in kidney tissue. Read More

Germ Cell Tumors

Germ cell tumors (GCTs) are masses of tissue formed by the type of immature cells which, in a healthy body, would develop into mature eggs (in a female) or sperm (in a male). Germ cell tumors may develop in the brain, the testes, the ovaries, or elsewhere in the body. Read More