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Our Impact

Your donations at work

By providing the University of Minnesota Cancer Center with funds for investigating new and promising research areas, we enable its researchers to gather the preliminary data needed to secure larger national grants from organizations such as the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

Once we’ve helped the researchers secure these grants, they can move their work forward into clinical trials and eventually, into routine medical practice.

The end result is that every dollar we provide in research support generates $15 to $20 in national grant funding, creating an even bigger impact in the fight against childhood cancer.

Your support helps bring us closer to a cure.

Here are some ways the University of Minnesota has helped lead the way:

  • Groundbreaking University of Minnesota study has potential to improve survival rate for blood cancer patients
  • Research shows cord blood comparable to Matched Bone Marrow
  • U of M Doctors uncover treatment for advanced ALD patients
  • New clinical trial aims to reduce risk of GVHD
  • U of M Study finds children with leukemia living longer
  • U of M develops long-awaited mouse model for infant leukemia

Donate to the cause today, and help us lead the way to a cure.