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Leukemia Survivor
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Our Research

Our researchers are leaders in the field

Children’s Cancer Research Fund gives researchers critical seed funds to aggressively develop research aimed at understanding the underlying causes of childhood cancer and developing novel treatments.

With world-class expertise, a culture of cross-disciplinary collaboration, and a proven track record of successfully bringing therapies from the lab to patients, our researchers are leading the field in developing treatments and cures for childhood cancer.

Our research focus areas include:

  • Leukemia: the most common type of childhood cancer
  • Brain tumor: the deadliest type of childhood cancer
  • Sarcoma: the difficult-to-treat childhood cancers of the bone or soft tissues
  • Genetic disease: the fatal illnesses that benefit from cancer treatments
  • Finding causes of cancer – Epidemiology: the investigation to find the causes of childhood cancers
  • Cancer survivorship: the ongoing health issues from childhood cancer treatments

Learn more about our cutting-edge research helping to save and improve lives:

Disease Research

The research made possible by Children's Cancer Research Fund has led to innovative treatments for childhood cancers and other life-threatening diseases. Read More

Treating Cancer

Children's Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to the ongoing study of ways to prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate childhood cancer. From laboratories and academic settings to hospitals and clinical trials, we approach treatments and therapies from many perspectives. Read More

Finding Causes of Cancer

With generous support from Children’s Cancer Research Fund, the Pediatric Cancer Epidemiology Research Program at the University of Minnesota is internationally recognized as one of the top research programs in the world investigating the causes of childhood cancer. Read More

Survivorship Research

Learn about research to help mitigate late-effects of childhood cancer treatments to improve the quality-of-life of childhood cancer survivors. Read More

Meet Our Researchers

Cancer is the leading cause of death by illness among children, but doctors and researchers supported by Children’s Cancer Research Fund are working hard to change that statistic. We strive to support, recruit, and retain the brightest minds in the field. Read More