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Leukemia Survivor
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A continuing journey

Even when treatment for childhood cancer yields positive results, young patients and their families must reckon with significant changes to their bodies and their lifestyles. Learn more about the many different aspects of life after treatment.


Long-term childhood cancer survivors face significant health risks, which they must deal with for the remainder of their lives. Children's Cancer Research Fund is working every day to increase survivorship and develop new, life-saving research that can improve the health and well-being of childhood cancer survivors. Read More

Life After Childhood Cancer

Even after cancer has been successfully treated, many patients and families struggle with emotional issues. Although these feelings are normal, a mental health professional should be consulted if they are severe or persist. Read More

Exercise and Nutrition

Eating properly and enjoying physical exercise provide many important health benefits to childhood cancer survivors. After successful treatment for childhood cancer, talk with your medical provider to develop a healthy eating plan and an exercise program tailored toward your child’s individual needs. Read More

Learning Issues After Childhood Cancer

Chemotherapy, radiation or brain surgery to treat childhood cancer often causes “cognitive late effects." However, there are many ways teachers, parents, and medical professional can create an optimal learning environment for childhood cancer survivors. Read More