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Survivorship Clinic

Long after treatment, care continues

Children’s Cancer Research Fund is committed to supporting research and ongoing care that improves the quality-of-life of childhood cancer survivors.

Through its support of the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic at the University of Minnesota, researchers can learn more about the medical, neurocognitive, and emotional late-effects of childhood cancer treatments and provide health care based on risk factors associated with prior cancer treatment.

Thanks to new research and therapies, more than 80 percent of children diagnosed with cancer can be expected to be long-term survivors. As a result, there now exists for the first time ever a large and rapidly growing population of individuals who have been cured of childhood cancer, and who have survived years, even decades, from the time they were treated.

Unfortunately, however, as a consequence of their disease and treatment these long-term survivors now face significant, largely uncharacterized risks to their health and well-being, which they must deal with for the remainder of their lives.

That’s why at Children’s Cancer Research Fund, our researchers are working every day to increase survivorship and develop new, life-saving research that can improve the health and well-being of childhood cancer survivors.

To learn more about the Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic, please call 612-625-5411.