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Leukemia Survivor
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Treating Cancer

The path to a cure

Children’s Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to the ongoing study of ways to prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate childhood cancer.

We understand that treatments and therapies must be approached from many perspectives, incorporating academic and laboratory findings as well as the most current case studies and clinical trials. With each new advance in cancer treatment, we move ever closer to a cure.

Learn more about our research leading to lifesaving treatments:



Researchers at the University of Minnesota are designing new treatment approaches to mobilize the body's immune defenses to defeat cancer. Read More

Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research holds great promise in treating cancer. Progress in this area has made a dramatic and positive impact on survival rates for both children and adults. Read More

Advanced Therapies (Clinical Trials)

The Advanced Therapies Program is an integrated clinical and translational research program that provides innovative therapies for pediatric and young adult patients with high-risk cancers. It is one of the oldest and largest advanced pediatric cancer care programs in the United States. Read More